Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Stevelin Motorcycles are proud to be the sole distributor for Pro-Race exhausts to fit the new Euro 5 Zontes ZT125 G1 / U1 & U Models. Now available in our ONLINE SHOP!

The Zontes Pro-race Exhaust System is manufactured in the UK, and has been designed from scratch purely to fit the Zontes ZT 125 G1, U1 & U motorcycle models. These exhausts are in keeping with the original system, meaning they sit nicely underneath the bike; what's more, the Zontes Pro-race Exhaust Systems are made from stainless steel, so whilst the standard exhaust system weighs 5.4kg the Pro-race exhaust system only weighs 2.3kg!

This new Zontes motorbike exhaust system is a 2 piece design which makes for easier fitting and has shown improved torque on the dyno. It does have a removable Baffle, but even with the Baffle fitted it gives a fantastic deeper note; bear in mind that removing the Baffle may upset the neighbours! It is a de-cat downpipe aswell so breathes more freely than the standard exhaust system.

Video of how to remove the standard Zontes Exhaust System:

Video guide of how to fit the Zontes Pro-race Exhaust System:

Video of Dyno Time with the exhaust and the before and after Figures - at the end you can hear a side by side comparison in sound.

On a slightly separate note - Zontes UK have confirmed that all Euro 4 and Euro 5 models are compatible with E10 fuel - bonus!

If you're one of the few customers waiting to hear about the arrival of your Zontes Motorcycle, then this article gives a good explantion as to why there have been delays and a hint at when dealers can expect their next delivery. If you have any queries about the Zontes Motorcycle range or you're interested in buying a 125cc motorbike please give Stevelin Motorcycles a call on 01487 711513 and we'll be happy to help!

*N.B - These exhausts are NOT e-stamped for Europe. Please bear in mind there may be a week turnaround for your system*

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