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Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Those of you that have recently visited us at Stevelin Motorcycles in Ramsey might have noticed that we have some new arrivals in the form of the AJS Cadwell 125cc Motorbike and a very funky AJS Modena 125cc Scooter. If you are a motorcyle historian then you'll know all about the AJS brand from way back in 1974 when it was re-started by a man called Fluff Brown. Let's be honest, that's a great name. If you like to learn more about AJS Motorcycles then you can visit the AJS Website.

What we can tell you is that they only use the best companies to manufacture their motorcycles which means they offer excellent quality, great value, excellent service and parts along with a really nice range of motorbikes and scooters. The AJS Cadwell comes from their Heritage Range and has a Cafe Racer look and feel to the bike. They also offer a Scrambler Style Motorcycle called the AJS Tempest, a Tempest Roadster and a Cruiser Style 125cc, which looks and feals like a much larger motorcycle and is an oil cooled, twin cylinder. They also have an Adventure Scrambler which is 125cc and a 50cc Supermoto looking geared motorcycle. We are looking forward to receiving more stock shortly.

We also have this gorgeous 125cc Scooter which is the AJS Modena. This is available in 10 different colour combinations and has that real Italian Classic looking flare. AJS have 2 50cc Scooters in their range and 2 125cc Scooters in the range. The Modena isn't just about getting from A to B, it's about how you look getting there.

So one not come down to Stevelin Motorcycles and take a look at the AJS Cadwell and the AJS Modena. Not just because you may want to buy one, but because if you love motorcycles and fancy a cup of tea or coffee, why not?

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