Herald Mirage 125cc Adventure Motorbikes at Stevelin Motorcycles

Herald Mirage 125cc Adventure Motorbikes at Stevelin Motorcycles

Many of you know that Stevelin Motorcycles are authorized dealers of Herald Motorcycles. Just this week we had a delivery from Herald Motorcycles of two brand new Herald Mirage 125cc Adventure Motorbikes.

You'd be mistaken for thinking that these were much larger bikes as they certainly don't look like a 125cc. They weigh in at 152kg and have the option to add luggage boxes which is great for those of you looking to use them as a commuter bike into work each day. They have excellent fuel economy, have a 14-litre fuel tank and are available in several colour options. Now you may not be planning to use it for the next Dakkar Rally, but if you want a great value, good looking Adventure Bike for your commute to work, as well as something that will take you on some mini adventures around the countryside, then this is an excellent Motorbike.

Why not come down and take a look at them as well as the rest of the Herald Motorbikes we have on show, including a 400cc Cafe Racer.


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