Explore Stevelin Motorcycles New Website

We like exploring new things at Stevelin Motorcycles, pretty much the same way we all love to go out explorng the world on our Motorbikes and Scooters. So we thought it was time we explored a new website for Stevelin and luckily, we have a customer who was able to help us on the journey.

Austen Moore is the owner of a Web Design company in Peterborough called Signpost Media. His official place of work is in the town of Whittlesey. He's loves small engined retro looking 125cc Motorcycles, a bit like our Herald Bikes. His current ride is a customized Sinnis Cafe which we have done a few bits to it for him such as new handlebars and a recent MOT.

We asked Austen to give our site an updated design, better navigational functionality and to make sure that it was optimized for mobile phones and tablets. We have also added a News Page which has a feed through to the bottom of our Home Page, so you can keep updated on what we are up to. Feel free to sign up on our News Page to keep updated.

We hope you like the new site, feel free to take a look around it and as always, pop in and have a coffee when your out riding. If you need a new website for yourself or your business then don't hesitate to get in touch with Austen at Signpost Media.

Thanks as always to all our loyal customers for being on the journey with us.

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