AJS 71 Desert Scrambler & Motorini Box 125i at Stevelin Motorcycles

Stevelin Motorcycles in Ramsey are pleased to announce the arrival of the AJS 71 Desert Scrambler 125cc. These fantastic learner legal geared 125cc Motorcycles are so new to the market that as we write this, the AJS website only has a picture online which says "Coming Soon". Stevelin Motorcycles have two of these great Retro looking Scramblers in stock right now. We currently have one available in Matte Black and another one in Burgundy Metallic Red. We've been told it will also be available in Blazing Orange

The standard exhaust system has a lovely classic old style scrambler sound, which sounds like it's coming from a far bigger bike than a 125cc. We took a quick video for you so you can hear it and you'll just have to trust us, that it sounds even better than this when you are standing next to it. We think it probably has the best exhaust note from a 125cc motorcycle of this type and sounds great when you rev it and burble off down the road. It's a 125cc, so the performance is on par with most of the air cooled 125cc's that are on offer at the moment. But if retro cool is what you are looking for, with a bit of Steve McQueen style then this has to be the bike for you.

The recommended retail price of the AJS 71 Desert Scrambler is £2559 + OTR. If you want one, then get down to Stevelin Motorcycles soon.

We are also pleased to announce that we are also selling the lovely looking Motorini Box 125i. This is a classic cruiser style designed 125cc and for those of you that love a parallel twin 125 motor, you'll be happy to know the Motorini Box 125i has been fitted with one. The Motorini Box 125i has a big bike feel to it and it look's it as well. You really can't comprehend just how nice and big it looks for a 125cc until you are standing next to it, or sitting on it. The engine benifits from being liquid cooled as well with a max power output of 8.43kW @ 9000RPM and it is pretty rapid for a bike that weighs 165kg. That weight doesn't seem to slow it down though, it's got a decent pace on it thanks to the parallel twin cylinder engine and that liquid cooling.

The only bad news that we can say about the Motorini Box 125i is that we had 2 in stock and both of them have sold out instantly. So if you are interested in one of these bikes then let us know as soon as possible so we can order some more. Due to Covid, things have become a little slower on delivery timescales so we recommend you get in touch with us as quickly as possible or come and visit us to discuss any of the bikes featured here that you would like to consider purchasing. In the meantime, you can enjoy some photos of both the Motorini Box 125i's that we sold, which are soon to be leaving our showroom on the way to their new homes.

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